Effects Of Cash Management

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He utilized hypothesis with Working Capital Management, Investment decisions and financing decisions as independent variables were used to measure financial performance in place of the dependent variable. The researchers were used self-administered questionnaire with quantities, and sample size of 100. The study presented that measured individually; there is a positive relationship between working capital management; investment decisions; financial decisions and financial performance. Also, the study indicated that the collective effect of financial management practices working capital management, investment decision, a financial decision has a moderate positive relationship between financial management practices and financial performance…show more content…
Also, the design he used were self-administration techniques with 51 of sample size. The hypotheses researchers used are Cash planning, Cash budget, Cash collection, Cash control as independent variables while the financial performance was dependent variables. The researcher’s finding presented that cash management has a high effect on the financial performance of Private secondary schools in Mogadishu, Somalia. The outcomes exposed that all variables were substantial in amplification Financial Presentation of Private secondary schools in Mogadishu, Somalia (MOHAMED and OMAR 2016). Therefore, lack of financial management practices enterprises for decision making and lack of practical skills are as a huge amount barrier to growing manufacturing companies as is the powerlessness to access their performances. Some manufacturing and merchandise companies in Somalia used accounting as they to manage the daily activities of their businesses, but it is irrelevant to manage financial management practices and financial performance in the 21frst century. There is not enough to cover the study that represents shows small medium and large enterprise companies used financial management practice on financial performances. Therefore this study will investigate gap between financial management practices on financial performance enterprise companies in Mogadishu Somalia. For that reason, this study further to checks up the connection between financial management
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