Caste Discrimination Essay

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Caste Discrimination In Dalit Society
"Caste discrimination has affected an estimated 260 million people worldwide, the vast majority living in South Asia". Caste Discrimination in the conveyance of education and Health facilities and other fundamental human rights are also the exceptional barrier for Dalit people severely affecting their well-being and possibility. In spite of being a human they are still lacking behind the rights they are supposed to get to develop themselves. Education and health facilities are the vital factors which are most important in human life to grow strongly, however, these factors have not been provided to the level.The caste discrimination system has negatively affected Dalit society
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They are still lacking behind in term of health and education even after the establishment of new policies for the improvement of Dalit community. However, lots of quotas has for education sector for Dalit people in order to continue their further education. The government has made a particular focus on the health condition of Dalit community. The caste discrimination system has negatively affected Dalit society which has led to inadequate health facilities and education facilities and is still facing many problems in their daily life. This is, however, is affecting the people in term of personal growth, so in my honest opinion, the government of a country should focus more on Dalit people for their development. They should remove the dominance of higher caste in schools, as a result, it will lead to the increase in the number of participants of Dalit people. Health awareness education should be given to the people so that they can prevent and have precaution towards various diseases.. Moreover, hospitals should be available nearby their houses and education should be provide for the whole society of lower group because it will help in the further growth in the development of people as well as the
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