Effects Of Chemical Leakage On Humans And The Environment

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Impact of Chemical Leakage on Humans and the Environment Industries today produce a tremendous amount of hazardous chemicals in the production of goods or services that people use in everyday activities. Therefore, when companies use chemicals, one must prepare for situations such as chemical spills or leaks because no matter what one does, sooner or later, a spill may occur (“Chemical Spill Control”). When a spill or leak occurs, not all of the chemicals are safe for society and the living beings in the environment. One of our nation’s most valuable resources is clean water. Clean water is vital to both humans and animals. Due to the hazards associated with chemical spills, stronger action should be taken to prevent the amount of…show more content…
Thus dispersants are not truly the answer, they are more or less a fix to one problem and the start of another. If industries knew there were strong penalties they would have to face if there were a leak or spill they would keep a closer eye on equipment and these dispersants wouldn’t be needed. Toxic chemicals can harm the environment, but one of its major impacts is the destruction to habitat of animals. Acid rain created by industries who have chemical leaks and pollution washes calcium from the soil, eutrophication also occurs changing the water quality and species composition of lakes and ponds (“All About Birds”). When an oil spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, there was “extensive mortality in mangroves, sea grasses, coral reefs, and algae”(“Endangered Species”). Agriculture is also a threat to animal habitats. As fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides are put on the crops, they leak into the waterways, which are then diverted to irrigate crops as well as contaminated wetlands being filled into provide farmland (“Challenges Facing”). Chemical pollution is poisoning all forms of life, and these pollutants are being released by industries, construction, as well as several other sources, and these chemical pollutants lead to chemical imbalances in the environment ultimately killing habitats (“What Threatens”). Furthermore, since the loss of habitat puts animals in danger, this is a very serious matter. Industries leaking chemicals near

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