Effects Of Child Exposure On Domestic Violence Essay

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Denhyia Brigmon
Kathy Johnson
AP Language
November 30, 2016
Effects of Child Exposure to Domestic Violence Children look at their parents as their own personal hero’s, but what type of a role model is a father who hits a mother? Who is truly to blame when a child feels responsible for what’s happening in the home? Being exposed to domestic violence seriously threatens the health and emotional wellbeing of children. Researchers found date that when domestic violence occurs in households with children, the children grow up feeling guilty, hopeless, and unloved. Sometimes these children follow in the footsteps of their parents by becoming the abuser. Some grow up to commit crimes; others turn to drugs for comfort.
What is Domestic Violence? Domestic violence is regularly more than simply physical abuse. It includes sexual, emotional, and mental brutality. At first, distinguishing the signs of an abusive relationship can hard, you never know what a person is actually going through unless they tell you. It is exceptionally regular for survivors to recognize the start of mishandle as the first time the abusers hit them, yet truly the cycle of violence may have begun early in the relationship. Perpetrators have a tendency to be attractive and extremely persuading when applying force and control approaches. However, understanding normal events or patterns in an unhealthy relationship and having the capacity to start an educated discussion is a step to healing, mending, and
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