Effects Of Child Labor During The Industrial Revolution Versus Modern Europe

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Effects of Child Labor in the Industrial Revolution versus Modern Europe By: Lariah Thiel Child labor has been a very big problem since the Industrial Revolution. As the world began to industrialize, the demand for labor increased greatly. During the Industrial Revolution child labor became a very important aspect of everyday life because the demand for laborers had grown so much. Families were not only dependent on adults for money, but they were also dependent of their children. Some children began working under the age of 8, and to some that is just not right. During the Industrial Revolution children were needed in many different industries such as coal mines, factories, and in agriculture. Child Labor has been proven to have very harmful effects on the children. This is because the children were put in hazardous, unhygienic conditions that brought harm to their health. Along with health problems it also caused a lot of stress to the children because the children were not only expected to do work, but also to go to school, and help around the house. Labor in the Coal Mines During the industrial revolution there was a huge demand for coal, this was because coal was used to fuel railroads. The increase in demand for coal meant that there was a huge demand for laborers. Coal miners were brought from all ages. Children started working in the coal mines as young as eight years old. The children had to perform all different types of jobs in the coal mines.
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