Effects Of Child Maltreatment On Children

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Consequences of Child Maltreatment The maltreatment of children within the United States is an unfortunate but evident issue that presents some very detrimental consequences for the victims. Victims of child maltreatment typically suffer from both short-term and long-term consequences, resulting from the negligence of their parents. Across the nation techniques and measures have been taken in order to prevent the advancement of child abuse within high-risk homes, although despite these efforts sometimes it is too late for the child and the damage is too extensive for them to recover completely. Most commonly individuals associate physical injuries with child abuse, as this is the clearest form of evidence. Physical injuries can be minuscule or extensive, but regardless they are considered to be a short-term consequence of child maltreatment. Physical injuries can occur in a large variety of forms including but not limited to: Skin lesions, fractures, and shaken baby syndrome. Skin lesions, which can consist of burns, bruises and bites, are the most common type of physical maltreatment in children. These types of injuries often occur as a form of extreme punishment. Accordingly, the physical abuse of a child can lead to the projection of their abuse on others, meaning they present more aggressive behaviors than children who are not physically abused. This type of defiance and aggression presents itself in a child in school scenarios where the child is more likely to
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