Effects Of Child Sexual Abuse On Children

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The idea of child sexual abuse is one that not many people like to think about or even really talk about. It is a subject that most people believe is clear cut. According to the law, it is wrong to have child-adult sex no matter the circumstances. However, when reading Rind et. al. (1998), the idea of unwanted verses a willing encounter of child-adult sex is discussed. While, this idea may be controversial, I do agree that it is a very important factor when considering the effects that child sexual abuse (CSA) has on an individual. Although, children and adolescents are not fully developed, there is a level of understanding that comes with ‘right and wrong’ according to laws as well as social norms. Whether someone is willing or unwilling changes their perception of the event happening. While this most likely depends on age (the older you are, the more understanding you have about a sexual encounter), it is also important to distinguish that each individual may react differently to any given situation. For example, even something as simple as a surprise birthday party can garner two separate reactions from two different people. The purpose of Rind et. al. (1998) is to conclude whether or not a child sexual abuse experience cause intense psychological harm. In order to do this, they conducted a study using college students. They correlated alcohol problems, anxiety, depression, dissociation, hostility, eating disorders, interpersonal sensitivity, locus of control,
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