Effects Of Childhood Maltreatment On Children 's Development

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Consequences of Childhood Maltreatment on Children’s Development Lea A. Dixon American Public University Consequences of Maltreatment on Children’s Development “27% percent, of the 702,000 victims of Childhood Maltreatment, are under the age of Three.” (Child Maltreatment, 2014) The World Health Organization defines child maltreatment as “abuse and neglect that occurs to children under 18 years of age.” ("Child Maltreatment," 2016) -Examples of Child Maltreatment include: physical and/or emotional ill-treatment, sexual abuse, neglect, negligence and commercial or other exploitation. The maltreatment of children affects many areas are including that child’s genes, nervous system, and brain; another area that is indirectly affected by a child’s maltreatment is our society. In our society, an individual child’s maltreatment can cause that child, as an adult, employment problems and financial problems. While, long term economic issues in our society associated with child maltreatment include the cost of health-care, judicial system, and law enforcement. The direct costs of child maltreatment total $124 billion dollars and the indirect total is approximately $104 billion dollars as of 2011. (Long-Term Consequences Of Child Abuse And Neglect, 2013t) Typical and Atypical Development of Children Under 36 Months Brain Abnormalities Due to Maltreatment  Child Maltreatment is Permanent -Out of 702,000 an
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