Effects Of Childhood Obesity On Population Level

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Group 2
Seol Baek
Allison Miranda Jasmine Tarango
Professor Goodman
HSCI 345
27 September 2016 Child Nutrition

Table of contents

Why is Child Nutrition a Public Health Issue
Impact of Childhood Obesity on Population Level
Conclusion and Suggestions to Remedy Issues Caused by Poor Nutrition

We are a group of students at California State University of Northridge who found common interest in the topic of child nutrition. By applying the core functions of public health, we were able to analyze how poor child nutrition led to more serious problems such as chronic diseases and obesity. We found out that there is plenty of data that proves obesity is caused by poor nutrition and ultimately has led to poor health. As our group researched on the topic and related it to public health, we have concluded that there is a relation between child nutrition and obesity. Solutions for the problem of obesity are suggested to conclude the essay. It is important to understand that nutrition and health are always closely related, and that child nutrition should especially be monitored closely as children are the future of our homes, communities, and the nation.

Child Nutrition
Good nutrition is important for everyone in every age group. It is an essential part of leading a healthy lifestyle, not only physically but also mentally. In public health, child nutrition is especially emphasized for multiple reasons. First, children are…
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