Effects Of Children On Adult Issues

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For many years, it has been controversially debated whether or not exposing children to adult issues will have a detrimental effect on their developmental health due to their lack of maturity and lack of real world experience. While some believe that children exposed to these issues at an early age will grow up to live normal healthy lives that idea is not commonly accepted. In order to protect children from adult issues such as violence, children have become what is known as an protected audience. What children are protected from varies from one area to another. In some countries, young children are protected from media that displays violence while in other countries these images are more socially acceptable and as a result children living in those countries are not protected from it. Understanding one’s audience is essential to media literacy because all people are divided up into niches. A niche can share a number of commons interests or needs such as: geographic, demographic, geodemographic, psychographic, social class, and many others. Having an understanding of the fundamental wants, needs, and limitations is essential to targeting a specific niche. This paper will seek to answer whether or not exposing children to violent images will make them more likely to commit a violent act or have any other detrimental effect on their development. By conducting a deep and thorough analyze on the effect of violence on children, this paper will conclude whether or not America…
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