Effects Of Children On Inner Cities

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Introduction: Our main points are to help younger children in inner cities, help schools put programs together, and help structure kids’ lives. The way we will do this is to have after school sport programs. We also would help raise money and try to teach children the fundamentals of being an adult through sports. Group Problem Statement Background: Many students every year are forced to leave school and have nowhere to go. With many of these children in grades 1st-12th, the reason they have nowhere to go is because their parents are too poor for them to be able to pay for them to have a plan after school if the parents cannot make it. This has been a problem for many years and as poverty rises, it is only happening more. Many of…show more content…
Desired State: The number one goal is to make sure that all kids have somewhere to go after school. With financial struggles of many schools this may be difficult, but with the help of each community it will not be impossible. Structuring things for these kids now, will only help the children live a more structured life later. It will ensure that these children are staying in better hands rather than the people they might meet that negatively influence them. Stakeholders: First and foremost, Parents. They are probably the most important people who would be concerned about their children and the after school programs they take. The fact that most people, mainly young children, are having a constantly increasing interest in sports is enough of a reason to increase the amount of after-school programs offered by these schools. Although, most parents ' concerns seem to be concentrated on the safety and efficiency of these after-school programs. Schools are obviously interested in the effects of these programs, but are also the ones who will be the most supportive along with the parents. A school 's main focus would also be divided into the general interest of the students and whether they would interested enough to sign-up for these programs, along with the safety it provides for them, and the overall effects of after-school programs. The main focus of the concern of the stakeholders in this situation is how the general program would eventually work
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