Effects Of Climate Change On Our Planet

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Karen Leswing
Professor Susan Browning
ENG 112-83
July 11, 2016
Charlotte, North Carolina’s Solution to Climate Change Climate change has taken its toll on our planet. Record heat, fires, drought and snowstorms have all become the norm in our worldwide weather patterns. The city of Charlotte has also suffered from the consequences of climate change with extreme temperatures, record snowstorms and ice storms. It is apparent that action must be taken immediately to stop climate change (Sargent). How can a small city attempt to solve a global issue such as climate change? Can climate change be solved on an individual level? The answer is yes; a small city can greatly reduce carbon emissions by each individual’s choice of clean energy. Climate change has been identified as a terrible threat to all living things on our planet. Cities and individual companies have recognized that coal burning power plants create massive amounts of carbon emissions that contaminate air quality and cause climate change (Sargent). North Carolina has a personal experience with the negative effects of coal burning power. Not only did local coal burning power plants emit massive amounts of carbon emissions into the air but after these coal plants were shut down, millions of tons of coal ash is were behind with no effective plan in place to handle the toxic substance (Henderson). As coal burning power plants are recognized as a leading cause of climate change, other sources of energy have…
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