Effects Of Colonialism On Gender Equality

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George Kurtskhalia
Mr.s Wasserman
Contemporary Literature
March 3 , 2012 Effect of colonialism on gender equality The female characters of Junot Diaz’s novel, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, La Inca, Beli, and Lola, demonstrate the ways in which colonialism led to the dehumanization of citizens, especially women, and how these power dynamics carry over into modern society in relationships between the majority and minority, both in terms of race and gender in their oppression that is attached to being a Dominican immigrant women in America. There are three important women in the novel: La Inca, Beli, and Lola. Each are strong women who battle each other. One can argue that this habit of undermining the female population comes all the way from when colonialism began to take place. This struggle is specifically seen in foreign females residing in America. Lola, represents the first generation American Hispanic female who struggles with finding a balance of her spanish culture and the urge of freeing herself from the stereotype she is expected to uphold. In her journey to oppose such characterization, and as a modern Dominican girl she could only push and dream on. “with promises that once I reached college I would be able to do whatever I pleased, burst out. I couldn’t help it... It was a message more than a feeling, a message that tolled like a bell: change, change, change.” (Díaz 58) This feeling of hope is what drives and keeps many women working hard
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