Effects Of Country Of Origin On The Samsung

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Effects of Country of Origin on the Samsung, A South Korean Brand
Purpose- the aim of this paper is to test the role of Country of Origin effect on brand image and customers decision. The literature has determine the importance of the “country of origin” effect and also examine about the effect of country of origin on brand image and customers decisions.
Findings- this study confirmed the assumption the effect of country of origin on customer’s mind and customers decisions. Results showed that country of origin has an effect on brand knowledge. This effect has difference between brands and countries. Brand origin has the important emphasis on customer decision. The structures of brand image can be different between brands and country of origin.
Originality/ value- This paper teste the valuable to academic researchers in organizing strong consumer efficiency in brand image for their own choice, and the establishing the potential of country of origin in customers mind. This research tests enhance positive COO associations and offsetting negative COO associations and effect of COO information on brand image structure.
Keywords- Global Marketing, International Company, Country of origin, Brand image, South Korea, Samsung.
Paper type- Research paper The purpose of this paper is to search about the role of country of origin effect (COO) on one of the famous mobile brand. I chose the Samsung Company for my case study because; not only Samsung has a…
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