Effects Of Cultural Discrimination On Immigrant Social Workers

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Effects of cultural discrimination on immigrant social workers Cultural discrimination, one of the major problems in Canada, shows distances in relationships between the citizens and the new immigrants. Immigrants, refugees and the indigenous groups are the minority groups in Canada. International social workers are labeled under minority groups. These workers are being ill-treated on the basis of race and color. Many people migrated to North America especially in Canada. International students are attracting Canada as one of the best places to continue their studies. Skilled workers are expecting better futures when they come to Canada, but the expectations are buried under their imaginations. The process of immigration and citizenship is limiting immigrants on the basis of trade to avoid unemployment in Canada. This system is affecting many internationally educated social workers and other skilled workers. There are some supporting factors in the area of social work practice in Canada but on the other hand discrimination and oppression are prevailing in full effect. Immigrant social workers are facing ethnic discrimination in work places.
International social workers are unable to influence employers. The adverse impacts on immigrant social workers show that they are being discriminated by Canadian citizens, who are labeled as the mainstream groups, and they are controlling and making decisions in work places. Formation of the social order against prejudice and
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