Effects Of Current And Historic Social Constructs On The Educational Experience Of African American Males

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The purpose of this research is to identify the effects of current and historic social constructs on the educational experience of African American males in the United States. Upon identifying these mechanisms of social control the conclusion is ominous. The system of institutionalized racism undermines the access and ability of African American males to obtain higher education. It fosters a mindset that eliminates them prior to participation. Equitable access to resources is not a realization to those who don’t fit the specific template of white male. This template preserves privileged by determining who is allowed to compete for resources. It also illuminates any opposing templates in such a derogatory manner that the hopes and prospect of equality are annihilated. Manipulation of a system that denies education is the radioactive fallout from the mentality of slavery. The consequences are profound and deeply intertwined in the psyche of the opposing templates. Education is the single most effective tool that prepares anyone to remove the chains of oppression. African American men are tricked into focusing their energies on superficial nothingness instead of focusing on the most valuable prize that is education. It is imperative that the African American society redirect, assist and demand that our black male youth pursue higher education.
Education is a social construct effective in dividing the haves and the have not’s.
Its primary function lies within the…
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