Effects Of Decriminalization Of Prostitution

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The criminalization of prostitution is harmful to sex workers and sex slaves alike, but creating a system where sex is no longer traded underground would give sex workers more control over their bodies/ profession and would help trafficked individuals find a voice to get the resources they need to escape their oppressors. Willfully turning a blind eye to the actual criminals parading around helps them to continue hurting anyone unfortunate enough to be caught up in their twisted paths. Pimps and sex traffickers get away with abusing and forcing their “employees” into sex slavery. The benefit of decriminalization is that it, “will bring in stronger laws to protect individuals against coerced sex work, human trafficking and sexual exploitation…” (Yingwana). Shifting the focus away from those who willingly choose this profession and onto those taking advantage of the system would help get the real perpetrators off the streets. Because decriminalization will allow lawmakers to reform attitudes towards sex work by targeting the pimps, the sex traffickers, and the abusive clients and will free up resources currently used to criminalize prostitutes, the truly disgusting individuals forcing, trafficking, and abusing innocent people can be more easily identified, detained, and jailed for all of the horrible crimes they commit. Every dollar the United States wastes on criminalizing a prostitute is a dollar that could have been used to put an end to terrible crimes against humanity,
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