Effects Of Depression Among College Campuses Essay

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Drug use among adolescents has been a problem in the United States for numerous years. The age frame of adolescents can bring many changes in a teenager’s life. Many life-altering events can take place during this time of one’s life and affect the person either positively or negatively. Depression can occur when adolescents are transitioning into young adult years. Moving away to college, schoolwork load, and maintaining a social life are all big parts of this time frame in life. Many cognitive problems often develop during this time also. When one enters college, they are faced with many different situations that can lead to negative consequences. Drugs, alcohol, and other substances are all present on many college campuses. Depression is a mental illness that can occur during any point in one’s life. There are many different types of depression. Some only last a few months and others last years causing harm and sadness in life. There are many statistics dealing with depression among college campuses. Sadly, depression affects about one out of every eight college students in the United States, and that number is rising yearly, (Pruthi, 2016). There are many common symptoms of depression. They include emotional, motivational, behavioral, cognitive, and physical symptoms. Emotional symptoms include: feeling sad and dejected. They describe themselves as feeling miserable, empty, and humiliated. Motivational symptoms include: loosing motivation to do the things that someone
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