Effects Of Depression Among College Students

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Depression among college students has been a tragedy since the stresses of doing well and achieving the greatest have taken over students’ lives. Flyers around campus and posters on busses have shown us that 1 in 3 Terps (Maryland University students) will experience symptoms of depression. National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has named the illness depression as a feeling of sadness that extends beyond a couple days and interferes with daily life (Depression, NIMH). Maintaining a balanced life-style is difficult as a college student but when experiencing symptoms of depression, difficult starts to become an understatement. 8.4% of college students are said to experience some sort of depressive symptom during their time on a college campus (Depression, NIMH). According to the Suicide Prevention Center, 7 - 8% of undergraduate students seriously considered suicide and 1-2% of students actually committed suicide (Suicide Prevention Resource Center). Depression was a common factor in all of these individuals (Suicide Prevention Resource Center). As seen by the statistics stated above, health behaviors that are necessary to target are depression and suicide in college students at the University of Maryland, College Park. This is a topic worth addressing because of the high risk of depression among college students. According to a survey done by the University of Maryland, many students who want or think they need guidance do not know where to go; they are either already
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