Effects Of Depression On An Individual 's Life Essay

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My research focused on the topic of depression, specifically on how the effects could impact on an individual’s everyday life, in different circumstances. My outcome was presented in an essay format, as it allowed me to inform and persuade the reader of the significance of how depression affects an individual’s life. Originally, the main question centred on the medical side of depression, however I realised that it would be too challenging, and thus changed it to focus on the social, physical and mental effects of depression, which allowed me to find information that was easier to comprehend. The research sources, which were used to support the main question, were primarily secondary sources such as studies, webpages, and articles. My research has successfully permitted me to further my knowledge on the subject and discover the significance of how depression could affect an individual’s life.
Evaluation of Research Processes: (1487 words)
Source 1: Web articles
This research process was a valid and important aspect of my research, as it contained important data on how depression could affect an individual’s life, focusing on how the effects differentiate in women and men, how they could affect the different age groups, and the various types of depression. The sites were in the format of an article, used to inform readers of what depression looks like and the treatment options that are available. This could suggest some limitations, however other
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