Effects Of Depression On Mental Illness

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Depression is a disabling condition that impacts a person’s relationships, life, and health (Nardi, Francesconi, Catena-Dell’Osso, Bellantuono, 2013). People develop depression from many life stressors, including loss of a loved one, low self-esteem, lack of social support, job loss, natural life stressors, and many more. Many types of therapy can alleviate the symptoms of depression for an individual. However, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been shown to have the most consistent enduring effects in relation to other efficacious interventions (Hollon, Stewart, Strunk, 2006). CBT helps the individual suffering from depression learn how to change their negative thinking and behavioral patterns and teaches the individual how to change…show more content…
Therefore, lacking social support increases the risk of having poor mental health and poor parenting skills. The study performed by these clinicians included a sample of adolescents between the ages of 15-18 years, in three waves (in third trimester, when their child was 10 months old, and when the child was 24 months old). The study used interviews as a way to assess the level of support adolescent mothers receive from their own mothers while transitioning into and out of pregnancy. Again, the study concluded that a strong support system led to a more positive educational experience and more positive parenting skills. Additionally, childhood sexual abuse or assault can have an impact on one’s ability to establish and maintain health relationships. Experiencing childhood sexual abuse may also contribute to developing poor relationships, impulsiveness, helplessness, and problems forming stable and supportive friendships (Liang, Williams, Siegel, 2006). Furthermore, adolescents going through pregnancy are at a higher risk of developing depression and a poor quality of life (Pires, Araújo-Pedrosa, Canavarro, 2013). The lack of support clearly shows a correlation to developing depressive symptoms. This lack of support can lead an individual to feel hopeless, alone, and feel
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