Effects Of Depression On The Elderly

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After the loss of a loved one, people experience a period of grief that usually includes unpleasant thoughts, emotional distress, and withdrawal from normal daily activities. These unstable emotions can be a sign of depression. Depression can be treated by medication, support, therapy and leisure activities. Issues Caring for the Elderly After the loss of Georges’ wife, bereavement or normal grief would be considered normal. Bereavement usually decreases after one to two years and may return around holidays or special occasions. Although grieving after the loss of a loved one is normal, George is also showing signs of abnormal grief which such as poor grooming, not wanting to interact with his grandchildren who love him so much and…show more content…
Although confidentiality is vital to building a trusting relationship with George, there may be measures that require George’s information, protecting as much as possible, to be released. For an example, when confidentiality would cause serious harm to the George or others, when agency guidelines state otherwise, or under other stated conditions (e.g., local, state, or federal laws). George would be informed at the beginning of the counseling relationship of those areas that limit professional confidentiality (Corey, 2011). George is covered under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). Michael, Georges’ son, brought him into the agency to seek therapy and HIPAA will not allow Michael to be in the room without George’s written and signed consent. George’s personal information and conversations are confidential not unless otherwise stated by a judge that George is incompetent and Michael has power of attorney outlining what he can do that will be in the best interest of his father (Corey, 2011). Initial Treatment Goals George shows signs of having emotional problems that he has expressed. Some signs are feelings of abandonment and detachment and depression. He had no prior history of depression but when George was a child his father
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