Effects Of Depression On The United States

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Introduction That unexplainable feeling that touches every emotion. The action that creates something new inside, skydiving for the first time or getting your driver’s license. Imagine all these feelings lost in time and having no happiness while your mind is surrounded by a shroud of lonesome and self-hatred. Depression affects everyone, it does not matter what race, ethnicity, and genes have been proven to not have an affect. This illness shows the biggest increase in mental disorder compared to others. 18 million people have been affected, or are still experiencing Depression, this amount is more than cancer, and almost as much as heart attacks. There is a one in ten chance of people to become depressed in the U.S. I want to help the people close to me as I notice changes in them. My friends and loved ones do not deserve this conflict, and I will not let it lead to other deeper, and worse problems. I have found many different topics in my articles, and after reading these I have chose to talk about how to help those who are sheltered by Depression. Famous writers and organizations have detailed information based on evidence and experience. By knowing this information, they have begun to set up ways to help, based on the most efficient increase in happier people. With this information I hope any reader can help the cause also.

Article Selection In my research, I found many articles basically giving overviews of Depression, I use a few of them. I was really exploring…
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