Effects Of Dietary Nitrates On Weight Maintenance

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Topic of research: The effect of dietary nitrates on weight maintenance in obese population following a 10% weight loss
The effect of dietary nitrates on weight maintenance in obese population following a 10% weight loss
Dietary nitrates are inorganic inert anionic compounds in fruits, vegetables and cured meats. About 80-85% of the nitrate in our diets is derived from
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We hypothesize the nitrate to have significant implication on the post weight loss RMR and possibly cause relapsing of the weight loss.
A 6-month randomized three-way crossover trial consisting of three groups: 20 healthy, 20 obese, and 20 mixed participants (placebo group for nitrate supplementation)is proposed. All groups will be screened for thyroid function, hepatitis A & B and HIV).All participants will be kept on a low nitrate weight maintenance diet formula till the weight remains constant for 2 weeks (weight change <10 g/d). RMR is measured using indirect calorimetry. They are then fed a hypocaloric diet(800 kcal/d) until a 10% weight loss is achieved(estimated time-12 weeks).RMR and weight is measured again. The formula diet is reinstated and 0.1mmol/kg/d inorganic nitrate for a period of 3 weeks is given along with it to the two groups excluding the placebo group. RMR, plasma and salivary nitrite levels and weight changes are recorded.
The only study on effect of nitrates on RMR was on healthy humans and no study has been done to study their effect on weight maintenance. Obesity is a serious condition and long-term maintenance of target weight by obese individuals is not very successful(Wing & Phelan, 2005). This study aims study the differences in RMR changes after a nitrate-rich diet between obese and healthy subjects and see the practical implications of a reduced RMR by dietary nitrates consumption on
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