Effects Of Dieting On Memory : Dieting

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Rehan My research topic is the effects of dieting on memory. Dieting plays a major role in almost every humans life. Wanting to become part of the social norm is a goal that most people have trouble achieving. Being skinny is one of those troubles that force people away from the social norm. To become skinny one must work hard at either the gym or even home exercises or just have high metabolism forever. This exercise becomes a problem for the average person. Everyone is so busy with work, it becomes near impossible to be in one hundred percent control of your life. After a long hard day at ones job, working out is usually the last thing on their to do list. But becoming skinny and always on one 's mind. So instead of working out, people tend to try looking for easier ways to gain the same rewards as exercising. This search usually leads to people taking dieting supplements, or slim fast drinks to replace their meals. For all easy ways must come at a price or else they would be no reason for hard paths to be chosen. My research question is whether there is a difference between taking either dieting supplements with no or very low exercise compared to an avid exerciser who just controls his weight from managing food intake. Dieting and working memory: Preoccupying cognitions and the role of the articulatory control process (Shaw, Tiggemann, 2004). The researchers in this study were curious about the cognitive impairment that seemed to be correlated with dieting. 92 female…

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