Effects Of Discrimination On Females Vs. Males

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The Effects Discrimination in the Workplace Have On Females vs. Males A Research Proposal 1. Introduction: I am researching the effects discrimination in the workplace have on females vs. males to find out why males get treated with a higher amount of respect than females. My readers will learn to understand the impact gender differences plays in our everyday lives. The society that we have emerged ourselves within have become so judgmental that equality seems to get ignored. Many individuals believe that equality doesn’t exist anymore within our nation. Yes, it may be true that some men are bigger, muscular, and hostile than the average woman. However, it is also considered that women may somehow have an upper hand over men when it…show more content…
2. Research Questions: Why are men more likely to make higher wages than women workers? Why do most jobs prefer a man worker over a female worker? How can pregnant female workers be qualified for a decent job? Do men and female workers get treated equally when it comes to receiving a promotion? How is discrimination effecting female workers? 3. Discussion: Discrimination in the workplace amongst females and males have stimulated under control within our nation. The negativity amongst gender has affected job population and achievement. Gender equality is so important that in the Workplace Gender Act took place. This act was passed to ensure that jobs promoted gender equality. The Gender Equality Act also eliminates discriminating issues related to job matters. The other important factor this act did was support equal participation in the workplace. The research has proven that all women workers should be treated equally no matter the condition. Research will also cover the evaluation on why females get treated differently than men do in the workplace. 4. Annotated Bibliography: Crittenden, A. (2013). Don’t Get Mad, Get Even: Book Review of Getting Even: Why Women Don’t Get Paid Like Men- And What to Do About it. Gale, Cengage Learning This article talks about wage gaps. The reason wage gaps take place is because women don’t get paid equally as men. Women have the same knowledge as men, however men are still paid a higher wage and tend to do better
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