Effects Of Discrimination On Females Vs. Males

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The Effects Discrimination in the Workplace Have On Females vs. Males

A Research Proposal
1. Introduction:

I am researching the effects discrimination in the workplace have on females vs. males to find out why males get treated with a higher amount of respect than females. My readers will learn to understand the impact gender differences plays in our everyday lives. The society that we have emerged ourselves within have become so judgmental that equality seems to get ignored. Many individuals believe that equality doesn’t exist anymore within our nation. Yes, it may be true that some men are bigger, muscular, and hostile than the average woman. However, it is also considered that women may somehow have an upper hand over men when it comes to communication skills along with inspiration. Women are recognized as devoted and are the only individuals that can carry a child for nine months. Therefore, not being big and muscular enough should never be evaluated with this circumstance.

Several women try their best to set a positive example for others and try their hardest to make a living by any means necessary. Many go to college for years so they can have a chance at an equal opportunity for a decent paying job. However, when they try to enforce this hard work they quickly realize that doors are being closed right in their face. This is what hits them the hardest when all their efforts are not being considered because they are mostly being told that they are not the right…
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