Effects Of Disney On Child Development

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The Effects of Disney on Child Development
According to an analysis of Disney’s corporate strategy by Carlos Carillo from the Robins School of Business, the first Disney films were created in 1923. Disney now controls approximately one sixth of America’s media as stated by a Ted Talk by media studies scholar Christopher Bell. As a result, almost every child is exposed to Disney, and values portrayed in the films will affect their development. Disney’s objectives are to be “one of the world leading producers and providers of entertainment and information.” Disney is targeted towards “...girls with the ultimate goal of encouraging children to personally identify with the characters so they will purchase the associated products” (Gender Role Portrayal and the Disney Princesses). Disney’s marketing causes girls to strive to emulate these princesses, affecting relationship development and what qualities they place their value in. As shown
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In today’s society, young girls are developing eating disorders, undergoing plastic surgery, and using extensive amounts of makeup to achieve classic tiny waists, large eyes and fair skin. The Little Mermaid inadvertently encourages plastic surgery. Ariel barters with Ursula, drastically changing her body and sacrificing her strongest talent to win over her prince. Ursula mocks, "you got your looks, your pretty face, and do not underestimate the importance of body language!” (The Little Mermaid). This implies Ariel’s voice is insignificant compared to the value of her physical appearance,These messages cause negative thought patterns to develop, especially in children because they are “sensitive...due to their still emerging cognitive and social development” (Johnson). Disney is only one of the aspects of modern society that contributes to this
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