Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children

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Holmes, when a child is exposed to domestic violence at an early age, that child adapts to these adverse circumstance and situations (Holmes, 2013). Therefore, children who are regularly exposed to domestic violence may initially display less aggressive behaviors than children who are never exposed. However, this is due to their fear of being a victim of a physical assault (Holmes, 2013). This finding was interesting because it shows how deeply the children are affected by exposure to domestic violence. The children become so afraid of potentially becoming victims of physical abuse that they will demonstrate good behavior inside the home. However, the effect of the exposure is fully revealed when these children are not in the presence of the abuser and cannot be potentially punished. These children have become accustomed to their violent home conditions and while children who were never exposed to domestic violence may progressively decrease their aggressive behavior over time, those who were exposed will escalate their aggressive behavior. This constant rise in aggressive behaviors will likely continue into their adolescent years and cause an influx of social problems (Holmes, 2013). In another study conducted by Mitchell, researchers studied 230 mothers living in Washington, D.C. and whose children were between the ages of three and five years. The study indicates that mother’s of children who were victims of violence, especially domestic violence, have children who
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