Effects Of Dropout On The Latino Communities Essay

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Strategies to Increase G.P.A in Latino Communities The Latino population is increasing and data shows that there is a vast majority of students who are dropping out of school. Dropout rates are a great concern to school districts and to the U.S. in general. If the population is increasing this means that our future generation needs to be well equipped to help us progress. There are several studies and research that discusses the different factors that contribute to dropout rates in the Latino communities. As we look over previous literature and studies about dropout rates in the Latino population we will see the different factors that are currently being addressed and need improvement.
Literature Review
There is a high school dropout crisis far beyond the imagination of most Americans, concentrated in urban schools and relegating many thousands of minority children to a life of failure (McMurrey, 2014). The impact of dropouts has an effect in our country. A life of failure can contribute to these students growing up and having a possibility of unemployment due to the lack of education. There are higher chances of living in poverty, having health issues, and higher possibilities of going to prison. McMurrey (2014) states that our country is now planning how many prison beds they will need by looking at third grade reading scores. All of these factors contribute to a future crisis. If the country is looking at third grade reading levels, they assume that children will not
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