Effects Of Drug Use On Society And Individuals

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Beard 1 Skyler Beard Mrs. Aten English 9 Honors 19 February, 2015 Effects of Drug Use on Society and Individuals “The human brain is structured to ensure that individuals will repeat behaviors necessary to survival and well-being. To do this, the brain associates such behaviors with a “reward,” or feeling of pleasure”(Addiction). This natural occurrence in the body, this “pleasurable feeling”, has led to a plethora of harmful and dangerous substances being grown, manufactured, and sold, whether it be medicinal- for the use of sickness or injury (usually prescribed)- or illegally, which tend to be more harmful and more “alluring” so to speak, because of its illegality. Either it be legal or illegal, misuse of substances and eventual addiction harms not only the individual, but the community and society. As humans, we tend to think for ourselves, and ourselves alone. We can more often than not be coerced into doing things by our peers (known as “peer pressure”). Individuals who use and abuse drugs think nothing of the effect they have on others, rarely caring about the effect they have even on themselves. Adolescents usually get addicted, or just “have fun” and experiment with drugs like marijuana and nicotine. Adults, especially those who have suffered Beard 2 illness or injury. They take drugs like meth, cocaine, and heroine. Adults can also easily become addicted to their

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