Effects Of Drugs And Alcohol During Pregnancy

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The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol During Pregnancy
Final Research Proposal Latifah Kelly
Tuskegee University

Abstract: Becoming a mother can be a rather challenging time for many parents, especially new parents. This experiment will educate women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant on the risks of their behaviors dealing with drugs and alcohol throughout their pregnancy. The purpose of this experiment is to show how often these horrible things happen to unborn children and the effects that drugs and alcohol have on children throughout the first few years of their life and throughout the course of their life, for some children. This experiment is also happening to try and prevent children from having these types of birth defects due to the lack of knowledge that parents have on the cons of abusing drugs and alcohol during the course of a pregnancy.

Introduction: When you are pregnant, every single thing that you eat, drink or take into your body will not only affect you but it will also affect your child. Many women tend to change their diet and exercise routines when they become pregnant. The most important thing is to avoid drug abuse and also avoid alcohol abuse. Many women are not as careful as they should be when they become pregnant. Seeing as many people are not aware of the effect that drugs have on the unborn children of pregnant women, those of us who know of the danger should spread awareness about it. Using drugs during…
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