Effects Of Drunk Driving : Goes Further Than The Accident

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Effects of Drunk Driving: Goes further than the Accident June 14th, 2008, I remember it like it was yesterday, the day our family eagerly waited for all year long, it was the day of our family reunion. We were all to meet in Grand Lake, Colorado, and pick our camping spots for a weekend of fun and games with the family. As the evening approached us most of the family had already arrived, except for my brother-in-law Joaquin and his family, not thinking much about it (since we knew there was a chance his family would not make it that night) we carried on with our night. We later received a text message saying that Joaquin had to work late and he and his family would not make it until the next morning. Approximately 3 a.m. my husband’s phone rang I answered, it was a man on the line he quickly asked “Are you Joaquin’s sister?” I kind of laughed and replied “Well it depends” and he said “Ma’am, I am looking for the family of Joaquin Camacho” at that point I realized that he was serious. He said, “I am a Weld County sheriff and I need to speak with you, do you have a moment?” I immediately responded “Yes!” “What is going on?” he said “Ma’am, I am sorry to inform you but your brother Joaquin was in a serious car accident” I paused for a minute in shock, I looked around and all of my family laughing and joking around the huge campfire, I didn’t want to assume the worst so I calmly responded “How serious?” he said “Ma’am, are you able to meet with
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