Effects Of Dutch Colonization Of Indonesia

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Dutch colonization is one of the main influences on modern Indonesia. According to “Dutch Colonization” the Dutch controlled Indonesia for nearly 300 years which sprouted many nationalistic ideas (Dutch Par 2). Indonesia later became independent in 1945 with other countries such as the United States of America recognizing it as an independent nation. Dutch occupation directly affected the modern Indonesian political scene, the global spice trade and local Indonesian religion.

Dutch colonialism has greatly influenced the Indonesian governmental system. Dutch occupation began in the 1600s where the Dutch established Indonesia as a Dutch colony forcefully using superior weapons and firepower. Dutch colonialism was extremely harsh with various
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Dutch colonization took hold of one of the largest producers of spice in the world Indonesia and its entire supply of spice. The Dutch controlled the global spice market by controlling the amount of spice produced to increasing demand in Europe causing the price of spice to increase to make the maximum amount of profit effectively monopolizing it through force “numerous trade routes were developed with neighbouring countries” (Wright Par 4)
. Eventually, as the Dutch lost control of Indonesia, the amount of spice was not regulated causing the price of spice to decrease as it would be more accessible and be sold in larger quantities. The Dutch had amazing business skills and took advantage of what they could in Indonesia and monopolized the spice trade. This caused them to gain great amounts of profit with no real competition. This, however, was lost as they lost control over Indonesia causing the supply of spice to increase and spices native to Indonesia to be grown elsewhere. The global market for spice then drastically changed with spice becoming more accessible removing the barrier of exclusivity causing spice to be less valuable. In addition to affecting the Entire world, Dutch colonialism also affected the Indonesian people
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