Effects Of Education On Public Schools

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Intro The United States of America, a country full of opportunities, growth, and freedom. Education in America is the key to life, the possibilities are endless when you have an education. But what if the quality of your education was poorly? In Washington state roughly 10 Billion dollars are spent on education, but not all of it is spent on schools. Since school funding is left to the states this can have a bias or an unrestricted bias on how money is being spent. This controversy and bad quality of education caused McCleary vs. State of Washington. Which, if you have a child in k-12 you should be very grateful that two parents stood up and took this social issue to court. Target Group This social issue is affecting many…show more content…
Also seems unequal because every state does not have the same tax revenue, some may have less than others, if there is not enough high educated residents in a state, which is an outcome of low funded schools. Finally someone in Washington state did something about it, Matthew and Stephanie McCleary took it to court. Claiming that Washington state was not meeting its Constitutional duty, which the court thankfully ruled in their favor. The court ruled in their favor because Washington state is not fully funded transportation and staff salaries and benefits. It was found that the legislature cannot maintain that it is fully funding basic education through its funding formulas. Current Proposal There currently is a bill out, number 6195 that proposes that states will have to fully fund k-12 public schools. This includes transportation, materials, supplies, operating costs, full-day kindergarten, and class size reductions. All was caused by the McCleary lawsuit. This bill includes specifics with its funding, one of the important ones is class sizes. It had been proven and said that children can not and will not learn as well by having so many kids and only having one adult looking after the kids. Not only that, but they build better social skills, by always being included and obtain healthy habits. This bill is also introducing free and accessible all day kindergarten for kids,
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