Effects Of Environment On The Environment

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In many distinctive instants, change does not occur until something drastic happens; only then do people begin to come to awareness. According to “Physicians for Social Responsibilities”, environmental factors are estimated to be responsible for approximately 80% of cancer diagnosis and deaths in the U.S. alone. Children, animals, and life everywhere are suffering due to consequences of environmental hazards. The detrimental consequences of unprotected environments are much greater than many perceive; therefore, by limiting harmful methods of environmental destruction and raising awareness these consequences may be decreased. The amount of contamination in the Earth’s water and atmosphere has increased tremendously over the years. Factors such as fossil fuel combustion, water pollution, deforestation, toxic chemicals, and a multitude of others all contribute greatly to the environmental harm that is being faced today. Investigation has brought out evidence that pernicious industrial chemicals seem to be more widespread throughout the environment than anticipated. The abundance of pollutants exposed to the air and water we rely on may cause a variety of health defects and problematic issues to human, animal, and plant life everywhere. Urban development, farming, deforestation, and the building of dams have crippling effects on both the environments and the species that thrive in those locations. Approximately half of the world’s forests have been cut down and a vast number
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