Effects Of Environment On The Environment

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There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the issue of whether humans have caused damage that has been detrimental to our natural environment. Humans cause damage to our environment every single day, through carrying out routine actions. Will we be able to repair the damage done or have we altered our environment beyond repair?

There are many activities undertaken by humans that alter the biomes, theses include deforestation, accidentally introducing invasive species, over hunting animals to the point of extinction, polluting rivers, spraying pesticides, introducing livestock which overgraze. These activities may be on a small scale, or on a larger scale. For example, deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has damaged it to the extent that the tropical biome in this area is smaller in absolute size because of humans.

Deforestation, mining, urbanization and over-population are the tip of the iceberg. Below two major issues are highlighted that have a worse effect on our environment than others.

Global warming by far has the greatest impact on our environment . The gradual heating of Earth's surface, oceans and atmosphere has lead to many devastating consequences. It has been known to cause all different places around the world’s temperature, to rise due to the greenhouse effect it has. The greenhouse effect is when the earth’s surface is warmed by the sun and it radiates heat into atmosphere. A portion of the heat is trapped in our atmosphere by greenhouse gases such

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