Effects Of Epilepsy On Children And Their Development Essay

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The early stages of our lives have been known to be the most vital part of human development, such as the early, middle and late childhood. In this essay, we will be talking about development across stages, between 0 to 11 years. Developing disabilities, impairments and illnesses such as epilepsy in childhood can have massive impacts on development. Children are a massive part of our society; they are, after all, the future of this world, and it is vital to understand the factors that impact their development in order to implement effective assistance for those who suffer from illnesses such as epilepsy.

Epilepsy is one of the impairments that can have huge impacts on children and their development. It is a neurological disorder, which causes sudden episodes of recurrent seizures. Seizures occur when brain signals are disrupted. It is known to be the fourth most common neurological disorder (Epilepsy Foundation, 2015). These seizures differ in intensity and frequency in each child, and around twenty five percent of children with epilepsy have continual episodes of seizure, which they have little or no control over even with medication and therapy, which makes it a very disabling impairment (Epilepsy Foundation, 2015). Epilepsy can be very physical disabling and there are quite a few physical impacts of epilepsy. Some of these are lack of energy, fatigue, headache, nausea, weight loss, weight gain and pain in diverse places of the body (About Kids Health, 2016). Children
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