Effects Of Ernesto 's Behavior From Students

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You are in a “classroom” observing and observe the following behaviors from students. You are to respond to each of the questions regarding each student scenario. S C E N A R I O | Ernesto Ernesto (3rd grade) enters the room and as he enters the room he is crying because his red crayon is broken. The teacher tells him she will give him another crayon he continues to cry saying that he wants this red crayon fixed. The teacher takes time from the class to fix the crayon. He is still upset and refuses to sit in his seat and begin the class work. He starts commenting that he can’t do things, he doesn’t care, and that he is bad. The teacher asks him if anything happened at home and he says when his is bad a home he gets punished and he is going to be bad at school. He throws his papers and crayons. He does not appear to have any relationships with the other students who avoid him. Discuss possible root causes for Ernesto’s behavior. What information might you need to identify the underlying causes of the behaviors? It is possible that Ernesto is suffering from abuse or neglect at home. Based on his adverse self-concept, it is appears that someone is psychologically and/or emotionally abusing Ernesto. His lack of motivation seems to be a direct result of his negative self-esteem. Ernesto also states that he is “punished at home”. His withdraw from his classmates show signs of isolation, which can be an indicator of abuse. Ernesto’s lack of relationships with his
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