Effects Of Extravagance And Luxury

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Nowadays, the value of a human life is measured by the amount of money a person has. Many people are labeled and treated according to their pay grade. Unfortunately, the 21st century is being controlled by money, which is becoming a significant factor in a person's life. People are spending hours working hard and even risking their own health in order to get a very low salary, thus making them appreciate what they are getting and carefully spending the money on important things. For those people, money is worth something and lack of it will affect them negatively. However, some wealthy people lack the sense of responsibility and spend money randomly on silly and unnecessary items. They carelessly spend away a lot of money that could…show more content…
Buying clothes regularly or eating in fancy restaurants is not a bad thing people gain money to spend it, but the phenomenon of extravagance and luxury are of many reasons that reflects how having too much money is bad. Extravagance and luxury are usually related and are widely spread nowadays. Many YouTubers spend loads of money on shoes and cars and not even using them and saving them as collectibles. For example, a YouTuber called Money Kicks spends thousands of dollars on shoes in order to collect them and if he wanted to wear a specific shoe that he liked he simply buys another pair to use it. That's one example of many, other people spend millions of dollars on a car because it's luxurious and fancy. Extravagance is not only limited to clothes and cars, but also its related to food as well. There are many fancy restaurants that are selling food for hundreds of dollars. For example in the UAE there are several restaurants such as "" or "The Cheesecake Factory" who are charging hundreds of Dirhams for a small piece of steak because they cook it in a fancy way, or selling a slice of cake for 500 Dirhams because it contains gold in
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