Effects Of Foreign Direct Investment On Economic Growth

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Joana Hassan Katherine Schmeiser International Trade 17th October, 2015 Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth in Ghana Abstract It has been widely believed that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) assists developing countries with the much-needed capital for economic growth. Part of the foreign direct investment is the inflow of up to date technology and management skills. In this paper, I will investigate to what extent foreign direct investment inflows into Ghana affects the nation 's Economic Growth and Development by addressing selected macro economic variables including GDP, Employment and Wages (Income). The Heckscher-ohlin model will be used to examine the relationship between foreign direct investment and Economic growth whiles Graphical analysis will be used to determine the effects of foreign direct investment on the selected macroeconomic variables. What has increasing FDI inflows contributed to Ghana’s economic growth? Has the contribution increased or decreased overtime? Has the effects of foreign direct investment inflows into Ghana been positive or negative? The study seeks to answer these and many more questions on the effects of foreign direct investment. I hypothesize that foreign direct investment has no significant impact on GDP but positively affects employment and wages overtime. Foreign direct investment should therefore be encouraged in developing countries like Ghana. Introduction FDI in Ghana has been on the rise in the past few
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