Effects Of Fossil Fuels

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Everyday in U.S., immense amount of fossil fuel is burned. Fossil fuels are fuel formed by natural processes, such as decomposition of buried dead organisms. Fossil fuel release carbon dioxide when they are burned which adds to the greenhouse effect and increases global warming. The way we can help the environment and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide is by replaying fossil fuels with solar and wind sources for electric power generations in the U.S. We burn fossil fuel everyday by driving cars. EIA estimates that U.S. motor gasoline and diesel fuel consumption for transportation in 2016 resulted in the emission of about 1,102 million metric tons of carbon dioxide and 437 million metric tons of CO2, respectively, for a total of 1,540 million metric tons of CO2. Tesla is one of the only company’s that was able to make a full electric car. Even thought the prices for the cars is very expensive, the car only runs on a mere battery. If we are able to mass produce more batteries thats much more affordable, we can replace large amount of cars today with electric powered cars and reduce the amount of fossil fuel that is burned. Many people buy solar panels for their houses so they can use that energy. Solar panels help get energy for your house and use that energy for the lights or even to produce heat for your house. You can add immense amounts of insulation when building a new house even if cost a little bit more, it will lower the cost for heating and air conditioning
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