Effects Of Gambling Addiction On College Performance

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Gambling problems, alcohol use and their impact on college performance are ongoing issues in education. Furthermore, gambling can lead to addiction, which can be a major factor in poor performance or even be dropping out of college. Therefore, multiple studies examined the relationship between gambling addiction, alcohol use, and college performance. Particularly, most research on gambling has focused on the issues related to the problem or pathological gambling. A theory from various disciplines has been employed as a framework for examining pathological gambling. The participants were college students and adult learners who completed questionnaire forms, regarding the frequency of gambling and the most used assessment PG screening instruments. This study investigates the link between gambling behaviors and impulsivity.

Introduction The data suggest that in the U.S. 6% of college students have a serious gambling issue that can produce psychological problems including debt, and failing grades. Studies also suggested that younger people gamble on non-casino games such as sports or card games.
The researcher estimates that 4-8 % of college students fall under the category of a gambling problem, and 10-14 % are in danger of developing such a problem (Geisner, Lostutter, Cronce, Granato & Larimer, 2015). Also, the finding suggests that…
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