Effects Of Gambling On The Asian Culture

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Gambling has made immense impacts on the everyday lives of a countless amount of people. Somehow this western pastime has integrated and almost taken control of the Asian and American Asian communities. The gambling issue within the Asian culture has affected families, and individuals in such drastic ways. Within the last few years we have seen an immense outburst of gambling in Macau, which is now the gambling capital of the world. Along with the recent outburst of gambling in Macau we find the dark side of gambling. The illegal activities that follow gambling have taken a toll on society as well as the people involved. Also we quickly see the economic impact made by all the money flowing through Macau. Gambling has taken over the lives of many of the people in Asia from a very young age, with this in mind, we must realize it may not be what we would define as an addiction, rather something that is big a part of their culture and social interaction. From the information I found from “Asian Nation,” we realize the growing issue of Asian American gambling within our nation. In California a poll pertaining to gambling was realized in Chinatown, the results were astonishing. The poll found that out of the 1,808 respondents gambling was ranked as their community’s number one issue. (Asian-Nation) With the unexpectedly high percentage a follow-up poll was distributed, 21% of the respondents openly considered themselves pathological gamblers, and 16% more labeled…
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