Effects Of Gambling On The Family

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Gambling Mohammad Alzahrani Jaime Snyder June 19, 2012 I. Introduction: Thesis statement There are many effects of gambling; these include money, social problems, and addiction. II. Money A. Using their own money B. Borrowing from others C. Stealing I. Social problems A. Poorness B. Disintegration of the family C. Jail I. Addiction A. Drugs B. Blackmail C. Robbery and crimes I. Conclusion Introduction Do you want to get $6,000 in three weeks? And through these three weeks you only have to work for less than 10 minutes. Here it is; it is so easy and I know a friend who really has done it. He was just sitting home and watching TV for the whole three weeks. He worked for only a few minutes to get that amount. He was gambling!…show more content…
We have to be aware of the effects of gambling and what does it cause in our society. There are so many effects of gambling, these include money, social problem and addiction. Money Money is the main consideration when gambling. Gaining money could be mentioned as one of the main reasons behind gambling. However, the trick of gambling makes people lose money as they indulge more and more in the habit of gambling (Smith, 2002, p. 63). First the individual starts playing by using his or her own money. It is often the case that would be gamblers have just won a small amount of money through gambling. This becomes the incentive to start gambling. As the process continues, gamblers win a little amount, while they lose a far greater value. The deception of gambling lies in the fact that the little amount of money that people eventually do win, causes them to believe that they are capable of making more money in the same way. The happiness on winning a little overshadows the fact that the gambler has lost a far greater value of money ( Meier & Geis, 2006, p. 226). As the terrible cycle continues, gamblers start to borrow money from friends and family. This leads to many other family related problems. This stage of gambling is very sensitive because the next stage
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