Effects Of Gender Diversity Management On Perceptions Of Organizational Attractiveness

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In 2007, Luis L. Martins and Charles K. Parsons published the article "Effects of Gender Diversity Management on Perceptions of Organizational Attractiveness." In this article, the authors examine how gender-related attitudes and beliefs affect the reactions that individuals have about gender diversity management programs (DMPs) in the workplace. For that, Martins and Parsons went beyond between-sex differences in perceptions to study individual variances within genders. They recognized that the public forms distinctive ideas about organizations with DMPs (especially gender diversity), which in turn impacts these organizations ' human resources practices, job application interest, and competitiveness in the labor market. Studies about how these programs influence job incumbents ' decisions have been limited. Because of the lack of information in this field, the authors decided to explore it deeper in their research.
Researchers have contended that organizations where management programs value diversity tend to attract more women (because they profit directly from this option) than men. Males may consider these programs "as harming their self-interests." Empirical studies on these assumptions have generated conflicting results though. With this in mind, Martins and Parson predicted that it would be necessary to go "beyond between-sex differences and incorporate within-sex differences in individual characteristics such as beliefs and attitudes" to test these…
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