Effects Of Gender Roles And Sexuality

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Focus topic:
The effect of gender roles and sexuality depicted in Disney on children

Article 1: Gender Role Portrayal and the Disney Princesses

Some of the main research questions of the study can are all related to gender roles, such as ‘What are some gender roles issues that arise and can be depicted in Disney movies?’, ‘How will these films affect the child’s outcome on behaviour and their characteristics?’, ‘Will these films cause any harm to children?’ As well as the question of ‘Should these films be considered a hazard to a child’s development?’ and ‘What are the later effects on the child?’

In many Disney movies, there is almost always a female character, likely to be princess and a male character who has some sort of romantic connection with the princess. The findings of this study show us the gender roles that are portrayed in the main characters of Disney films and what expected from each gender in the society, and how it changes over time.
They found that many of these films are very bias and stereotypical, the male character is portrayed as a very masculine figure, where as they are seen as the hero, they’re brave, and strong and the female character as a feminine, nurturing, and weaker sex.
The effect of this on children cause be harmful for children to watch without understand the difference and stereotypes of gender roles. This films can greatly influence the chid’s development, as well as their thoughts on social norms and behaviours, and the roles of
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