Effects Of Global Warming On Human Activity

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Statement of the problem: Nowadays the climate of the Earth is changing rapidly due to the increase of greenhouse gases. 90% of this gases released in environment is due to the human activity by burning of fossil fuels. Due to the climate change the health sector is affected mainly children, adults and whole population. The climate change is danger to the health system, the increase in temperature is causing in heat waves that leads to less rainfall, rise in sea level and flood. Due to this the health of population is affecting by various diseases like respiratory problems, heart diseases, cancer and many more. The world health Organization states that the increase in global warming is due to human activities that changes in climate…show more content…
During the last two decades the respiratory problem has increased in United States due to the climate factors. The irritants comes from the deserts that travel through by ocean waves which are increased by the warmer temperatures. Plant pollen has increased which are involved in air that comes in the form of irritants. Due to this it has resulted in respiratory problems. It has shown in 2003 the Europe the rise in temperature has killed 40,000 people in six countries. In India it was around 4000 people who die due to heat waves. In Chicago it was 700 people who suffered with respiratory problems. It is estimated that if the warming is increased by two degree in Atlanta results in heat related deaths. Some researchers stated that blaming activities of human being for destruction is not at all true. They explained that life has evolved 400 million ago and the amount of co2 was more than 10 times than now and it had decreased time to time. By this they stated that the human activity is not merely the main cause. Some researchers argued that human activities and natural process has increased the greenhouse gases. Increase in carbon in air and climate change both have an effect in health sector. The consumption of food which is contaminated with carbons and inhaling the air has increased the body mass. The changes in climate has shown the stress to the mankind like the disasters which is facing today by the environment. Increase in weather
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