Effects Of Global Warming On The Environment

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Since the industrial revolution, scientists keep telling the story that the earth is not what most people might think back then: “a mother”, to be feared and respected. Instead, science today gives man godlike power; the earth is a machine, and we are its engineer, masters. We can change the earth like Lego blocks; we extract from it whatever we want to make use of, without needing to think about the consequences on environment, animals, or people. Humans caused global warming. With the economy that was built to deny any responsibility for the environment and cover up the truth behind their disgusting selfishness, it is hard to start fixing the environment when many people do not even believe a problem exists. I believe that it all came from the overwhelming power of the industry to lie and blind people from what is right there. Related to “Two Economies” by Wendell Berry, the economy that we have is an economy without value; I learned the lesson from history, nothing without value can survive as time goes on. Many may still believe in the industrial revolution but to me it is definitely the end of the world. The food industry is the industry that is important for everyone but also most harmful. Thanks to the food revolution happening it in the last 100 years, we don’t need to worry about putting food on our table anymore. In the US, the obvious choices for a big family meal are convenient supermarkets like Walmart or Hy-Vee. Those places are jammed with different types of
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