Effects Of Global Warming On The Human Body And Vigor

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To commence, the effects of global warming to the human body and vigor are both indirect and direct. Through the warming of the earth, extreme meteorological conditions and patterns will ensue with more regularity; storms, inundations, heat waves, and droughts will proliferate and will affect human condition directly in such manner that destroys homes, contaminates water sources, and diminishes food resources. These events will consequently entail a high risk of disease and exposure to disease. Persons with pulmonary complications and conditions, such as asthma and allergies, are at peril for other hazards. As air quality steadily worsens due to the burning of fossil fuels and carbon emissions, people with existing conditions of asthma could experience more asthma attacks and further aggravation of the lungs. Rising temperatures and higher concentrations of carbon dioxide will also stimulate plants to mature earlier, grow faster, and produce pollens that are more potent, worsening conditions of allergies of people around the world. Since allergy related diseases rank among the highest chronic illnesses in the United States, productivity levels will likely diminish as a result. However, cutting carbon emissions and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere of the Earth could improve air quality, and as a result, improving pulmonary conditions of million. There is a hole in the layer of O3, or ozone, above Antarctica estimated at 3 times the size of the United States of America,

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