Effects Of Global Warming On The World Essay

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Diseases, war, etc... Those are major concerns of this world, and climate change is always a hot issue given to debate. It 's not just a matter of a single country, but it’s a problem of the whole human race. Humanity is facing the risk of extinction. The impact of environmental pollution leads to climate change and natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes. Those disasters are caused by the impact of humans to nature, such as deforestation, ecological imbalance, and use of chemicals. Gas emissions from industries in urban areas are also a big factor that causes global warming. Earth’s temperature has been increasing each year. Glaciers melting are one of the early signs of global warming. If more glaciers melt, the sea level will increase which may cause flooding in certain areas. Global dimming is even more harmful to humans than global warming. Global dimming is also caused by humans because of the air pollution caused by burning coal, oil, and wood, which releases carbon dioxide to the earth’s atmosphere. Air pollution can cause all kinds of illnesses, such as lung cancer, heart diseases, and asthma. Climate change is impactful worldwide. Even though some people say that climate change happens naturally, I believe it is caused by the impact of human activity. It is clear to see how the impact of humans affects the climate. As the human population increases rapidly, the need for housing, food, factories, and buildings also increases. Although, forests
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